Our Story

Therafin was founded in 1968 from a garage. Some other famous companies that started in garagesare Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Disney. I guess that’s just what awesome companies do. Not long after Gilbert “Gibb” Fink, B.S., M.S., OTR founded the company, the demand for CRT started to skyrocket, and Therafin’s (still adored) customer service and attention to detail drove one product to become ten products and then thousands. Now, over 50 years later, we are one of the few privately held CRT manufacturing companies in the world. For a family-owned and operated company, we manufacture and scale custom products worldwide. And with great scale comes great responsibility. Whether you buy one product or 5,000, the quality and attention to detail will be the same.

Therafin’s customer service is second to none. When you call, real people answer the phones. And it’s not robotic telemarketing. The people behind the phones are product experts. They will help you design a full seating system, find a specific product, or solve a problem. All our customers tell us time and again that we have the best customer relations department in the industry.

Therafin has performed 1:1 in-services worldwide, and the resounding consensus from our customers says we’re eager and nimble to solve complex issues that other manufacturers usually won’t touch. We don’t typically want to throw a one-size-fits-all seat at an ATP for an end-user that needs a seat with asymmetrical pelvic obliquities and leg length differential leg wells.

At our headquarters in Frankfort, IL, we have an operation that might surprise you. Three state-of-the-art CNC routers make our woodwork exactly accurate. Our detailing department takes everything off the router and hand-sands the edges for a smooth, rounded finish. For seating systems, our foaming and upholstery department read to understand your provided specs, and layers the foam by hand, paying tedious attention to every detail. Our soft goods undergo a similar process, with a team of sewers ensuring every stitch is strong. After every product has been properly created and assembled, our quality control department does one last check. We only send our customers products that pass inspection perfectly. Finally, we ship items to you. All the way through our shipping department, every Therafin hand that touches your product makes sure it’s received in perfect condition.

Therafin attends tradeshows every year to showcase our new, innovative products and to meet the ATPs and customers who rant and rave about our product. We do what we do because we know our craftmanship and quality is making a real and lasting difference.

We are proud supporters of NRRTS and continue to lobby at Capitol Hill every year to seek more legislation for our often misunderstood industry of CRT.

Most importantly, Therafin has a great team and we work hard to operate in a highly trusted culture. Many have been around for decades and help maintain our quality, craftsmanship and culture.

Therafin in summary:
  • 1. High-quality craftsmanship with attention to every detail
  • 2. Innovators and inventors, creating solutions for problems that others won’t solve
  • 3. Friendly and personable, family-owned and operated since 1968
  • 4. The best customer relations department in the industry (just ask our customers!)
  • 5. Speed is our middle name. No more waiting for product.
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