Custom Seating

Custom Seating

Custom Seating Information

Much of the following information can be referenced while configuring CUSTOM seating systems.  Many of the options on our custom Seats and Backs have multiple options and configuration choices.  To order a custom Seat or Back, please call or fill out a Custom Seating Order Form.


Custom Seat Options:

  • Drop In or Full Width
  • Contour Options
    • Anti Thrust
    • Anit Thrust with Leg Wells
    • Anti Thrust with Pelvic and Leg Wells
    • Anti Thrust with Pelvic and Leg Wells - Depth Adjustable
  • Seat Modifications
    • Cushion or Base Only
    • Leg Length Differential
    • Growth Notches
    • I Seats
    • Cover Options
    • Foam Options
    • Overlay Options

Custom Back Options:

  • R Back
  • T Back
  • I Back

Back Modifications:

  • Cushion or Base Only
  • Bi-Angular
  • Cover, Foam, Other

Back/Seat Hardware:

  • Molded J/L Back with Drop Hooks
  • Seat/Growth Hinge
  • 2 Knob Back/2 Knob Seat/Growth Hinge
  • 2 Knob Back/Drop Hook Seat/Growth Hinge
  • 4 Knob Back/Drop Hook Seat
  • Molded J/L Back with Drop Hook Seat
  • 2 Knob Seat
  • Wrap Around Seat
  • Drop Hook Seat
  • Wrap Around Back
  • Molded J/L Back
  • J/L Back
  • J/L Fixed Back
  • Solid Back/Seat Board
  • Spreader Bar
  • Solid Drop Seat
  • Drop Kit/Hardware
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