Specifying and Ordering a Custom Full Tray


Designed in AutoCAD to your exact specifications

Custom cut on our CNC Router

Many different tray materials to choose from 

Optional attaching system and/or rim can be added to your tray



Specifying a custom full tray is an easy process.  The overall process is as follows (video):

  • Download a Custom Full Tray Order Form

  • Save the Custom Full Tray Order Form on your local hard drive or network.

    • Save it in a location that is easy to find.  Once you download it, you can use your locally stored copy repeatedly
  • Open the locally stored version of the Custom Full Tray Order Form

    • If you don't use the locally stored version, the SUBMIT button will not work!
  • Fill in the form with your desired dimensions and options

  • Click the Submit box and a dialog box will prompt you to open your default email system to send

If you desire to take a photo of your desired tray and send a "virtual template", try using the Tray Template Photo Tool.

Watch a quick video of the process explained how to use the Tray Template Photo Tool

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