Chest Strap, TheraFit Dynamic w/ Dual D-Ring Adj, Small



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Chest Strap, TheraFit Dynamic w/ Dual D-Ring Adj, Small
The Padded Wheelchair Chest Strap provides anterior trunk positioning support, maintains upright torso, and provides safety. Constructed from 7 millimeter neoprene with laminated durable knit fabric that allows for a comfortable amount of stretch. Side release buckles on each side of the pad are recessed in neoprene sleeves so the user's arms do not rub on the buckles. Adjustable straps with easy to use D-Ring ends allow easy adjustment. Mounts to chair with supplied metal attaching clips.

This Therafit Dynamic W/Dual D-Ring Adjustment Chest Strap is a padded postioning strap with the following characteristics:

  • 2 buckles with adjustable straps
  • Measures 46" from end to end, without additional hardware
  • Side release buckles are covered with a sleeve to prevent skin irritation and breakdown
  • Straps are made from nylon webbing and are adjustable for a more precise fit
  • Center padded piece of strap is made from a thick and durable neoprene
    • Stretchy and latex free
    • Dimentions of padded area: 3" X 16"
  • Attaches securely to wheelchair with supplied hardware
    • Each belt comes with 2 metal clips and 2 3-bar slides
    • The plastic 3-bar slide allows you to wrap the strap around the wheel chair frame and secure the end with other three bar slide
    • The metal clip is attached to the wheelchair or scooter frame with a screw (not supplied) and the strap wraps through the metal slats
    • Both metal clip and the 3-bar slide can be used together to make a more precise fit
More Information
Model Chest Strap
Size Small
Stretch Yes
Style Therafit Chest Strap
Type Dual D-Ring Adjustment
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