Shoeholder, Molded w/ Padded Straps, Small, Pair



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Shoeholder, Molded w/ Padded Straps, Small, Pair
This is a rigid foot support to control adduction and abduction of the forefoot. Helps to maintain proper positioning below the knee and controls for extension. The supplied straps have slip on 7mm neoprene (latex free) pads. Molded Shoe Holders are designed for strength and durability. The sides are parallel to hold shoes, and the rear heel relief helps high tone individuals. The ankle strap slots are angled for a comfortable fit. Comes with padded straps pre-attached, and hardware to attach them to footplates. The mounting holes are 1.5″ on center.

Rigid Foot Support

  • Designed for strength and durability
  • Comes with the straps pre-installed
  • Padded straps
  • New shape with parallel sides to better fit shoes
  • Ankle strap slots are angled for comfortable fit
  • Rear heel relief for high tone individuals
  • Mounting holes are 1.5" on center
  • Hardware to attach to footplates included
More Information
Fastener Side-Release Buckle
Model Molded Shoe Holder
Side Pair
Size Small
Straps Padded
Type Shoe Holder
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