Skate Board & Resistance System Therapy Products

Skate Board uses a figure-8 pattern for range of motion exercises. Features a vinyl covered hardboard surface, and a metal rim on three sides. The outer edge of the board allows the unit to be clamped onto a work surface. There is a hand hole for convenient transport.

Resistance System is an adapted C-clamp that holds the skate board to the working surface and provides a "pulley" system for weighted resistance/assistance. Nine weights (approx. 4/10 lb. each) are included.

   Part #
Skate Board
Clamp & Weight Resistance System  
Ergo Arm Skate Therapy Products

Ergo Arm Skate with Hand Piece cradles arm and positions hand for range of motion exercises (approx. 8.5" x 19.5"). Wide hook and loop straps securely and comfortably hold forearm and hand. Four quality casters allow ease in movement and provide a low center of gravity. Removable Hand Piece stays in the desired position with hook and loop material. Equipped with screw eyes for use with weight resistance system.

   Part #
Ergo Arm Skate / Hand Piece Combo   30100
Jux-A-Cisor Therapy Products

Jux-A-Cisor is a range-of-motion exercise device for fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Made of plastic coated steel wire. Thick padded hand grip for easier grasp.

Jux-A-Cisor   Part #
With Padded Hand Grip     31905
Hand Cone Therapy Products

Clear plastic Hand Cone for positioning and stretching hands. Includes soft adjustable strap. Base diameter 3", height 5"

Hand Cone         Part #
Large 31966
Digit-O-Meter Therapy Products

Digit-O-Meter has two scales for measurement of finger flexion or opposition. Calibrations from 0 to 10 cm. Transparent break-resistant plastic.

Digit-O-Meter     Part #
Transparent 31900
E-Z Exer-Board for restoring use to hands, wrists and forearms. 9" x 13" board with suction cup base provides a stable platform for 7 tools that offer various resistance.


E-Z Exer-Board     Part #
With Tools 31941
E-Z Exer-Board Therapy Products


08707-08731.pdf  E-Z Exer-Board and Arm Skate/Weight Resistance directions

2016 Sensory, Therapy, & Independent Living booklet (PDF)