In cooperation with noted researcher and author Temple Grandin, we manufacture the SQUEEZE MACHINE. This ingenious system is used for deep touch stimulation and produces a calming effect on hyperactive and autistic individuals. It allows the individual to control the amount of pressure, as well as the release of pressure.

  • The machine is 60" tall, 60" long and 32" wide.

  • Constructed from 13-ply 3/4" birch plywood, sealed and lacquered for a durable smooth finish. All edges are rounded to ensure safety. The air controls are high quality with multiple safety devices included. The remaining parts are comprised of wood, metal, and plastic. The overall look is that of an educational style piece of furniture.

  • The Squeeze Machine can be used by most people because it is adjustable in a number of ways. The machine has a series of slots and holes to allow approximately 14" of adjustment in width at the base of the pads. There are also slots to adjust the headrest height, slides to adjust for differing head widths, and the hand control center is adjustable from side to side and from front to back. One set of pads are included, which will accommodate either children or adults.

  • The price of the complete system with air compressor is $4525.00 plus shipping.

  • NOTICE: For Squeeze Machines delivered outside the U.S. there will be additional costs and additional delivery time.

  • NOTICE: In the event of a return, a Return Authorization must be requested within 60 days of receipt of the machine. This return is subject to a restocking fee and shipper covers all shipping costs for the return. If you are returning the machine to us, it must be securely repacked exactly as it was shipped to you. Do not discard or destroy boxes, pallet, wood strips, etc. They must be reused for shipping!


Watch this series of SHORT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the Squeeze Machine

We manufacture the Squeeze Machine (some people call it hug machine)

Some files are large.....
1.pdf General information, operating instructions, and more. This is a 4 page promotional color brochure,
2.pdf In-depth information, clinical observations and data, suggestions for therapists, and more. 18 pages,
3.pdf Owner's manual with unpacking, adjusting, using, and maintaining information. 14 pages full of color pictures,

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