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Portable Toilet Seat Riser
Portable Toilet Seat Riser
Toilet Seat Riser     Part #
w/Carry Pouch  31874
Portable Toilet Seat Riser
The Toilet Seat Riser is portable and comes with blue and black carry pouch. It fits elongated and round seats,
raising the sitting surface 3-1/2". The two-piece design leaves the front and back open for personal hygiene.
Sealed urethane foam provides stability and is easy to clean. Each piece is 12" long and 4" wide.


E-Z Reach Digi-Sert and Supp-A-Sert Hygiene Aids

E-Z Reach Part #
Digi-Sert      30511
E-Z Reach Part #
Supp-A-Sert  30611
E-Z Reach Part #
Digi-Supp Combo  30700

Each of these bowel management tools features a handle which secures to a flail hand with a comfortable vinyl strap. Designed
for use on an elevated toilet seat. Suitable for right or left handed use. Bowel stimulator or suppository expelling attachment.
Combo model (shown above) comes with both attachments, either of which lock into the plastic handle while on the hand.


Shur-Gryp Digi-Sert Hygiene Aid Shur-Gryp Supp-A-Sert Hygiene Aid
Shur-Gryp Part #
Digi-Sert      30505

Similar to above. Features formed plastic hand piece that
secures to palm using hook and loop strap with thumb loop.
Angled Delrin tip can be rotated or angled for optimum use.

Shur-Gryp Part #
Supp-A-Sert  30605

Similar to above. Features formed plastic hand piece which
can be securely fastened to a weak or flail hand quickly and
conveniently, using hook and loop strap and thumb loop.


Short Toilet Aid

Individuals with limited range of motion will find the
Short Toilet Aid easy to use. The coating on the ends
helps to grip. Lightweight and easy to clean.
Hygiene Aid Part #
Short Toilet Aid   31863
08701.pdf Digi-Sert & Supp-A-Sert adjusting and using directions

2016 Sensory, Therapy, & Independent Living booklet (PDF)