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We have a growing series of Therafin Product Videos on YouTube.
Take a closer look at the benefits of these products and learn some quick tips for using them correctly.

Watch our videos highlighting various Headrest Hardware
New ProFit Adjustable Width Headrest Pad     Surelock Headrest Hardware

Learn about our New Heavy Duty Flipdown Abductor in this video
A narrow mounted abductor that easily flips out of the way and is adjustable for windswept patients

Watch this video about our New FlexSure Feet
Innovative new design -- Easy to use and adjust -- Our FlexSure Feet are the much-requested Flexi-Feet replacement.

Here's a video showing the solution our Hinged Buckle offers
We engineered a new exclusive hinged buckle that helps vest shoulder straps stay secure at various angles.

Watch this video about our various Chest Strap options
Our Chest Straps offer a variety of options for anterior support. They are available with or without buckles, stretch or non-stretch, in three sizes.

This video will help you with the process of choosing a Full Tray
Take a look at all of Therafin's Wheelchair Tray options; Materials to choose from and how they benefit you, Rim choices and Attaching Hardware.

Watch our videos highlighting various Tray Attaching Hardware
Half Trays w/Adjustable Height Bracket     Full Trays w/E-Z Lock Clamps     Full Trays w/Top Drop Clamps

Summer/Winter Hardware . . . the When and Why
Chris explains it all in this video.

Watch this series of short instructional videos to familiarize yourself with all aspects of the Squeeze Machine
The Squeeze Machine: Introduction and Who It's For
How to get in the Squeeze Machine     Adjusting the Squeeze Machine     The Squeeze Machine Air Compressor

Take a look at our video about Tennis Ball Walker Glides
They fit on any walker and offer smooth sliding on any surface.

Watch Therafin's WC-20 Transit Seating Crash Test
The test evaluators were impressed with the condition of the Seat compared to many others. Our plywood base did not exhibit any breakage at all, where many other seats that have been tested showed signs of breakage (some breakage is allowed to comply).

NCART Releases New Educational Video: "Complex Rehab Technology - Essential for health. Essential for life."

The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) has released an educational video entitled "Complex Rehab Technology: Essential for health. Essential for life".  The video provides an introduction to Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) from the perspectives of individuals that rely on CRT for their health and independence, physicians that prescribe it, and consumer organizations that work to protect access.  Along with an introduction to CRT, the video also highlights policy changes that are needed to provide adequate access. The 11 minute video can be viewed at www.ncart.us. (This text is from NCART's website)


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