Therafin Corp., 9450 W Laraway Road, Frankfort, IL 60423

Therafin Corporation manufactures and sells rehabilitation and home health care products through a network of dealers and distributors. If you would like to become a Therafin Products Dealer, please fill out this form.

If you are an individual or therapist interested in one of our products and would like help finding a dealer or distributor, click here or contact Therafin Customer Service at info@therafin.com or 800-843-7234, and we can recommend a dealer or distributor who can assist you in purchasing our products.

Our mailing address (USPS) is 9450 W. Laraway Rd. Frankfort, IL 60423
Our shipping address (FedEx & UPS) is 170 E. Ontario St. Frankfort, IL 60423

BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Thursday 7AM to 5:30PM (Central Time), Closed Fridays
Phone toll-free 800-843-7234 Fax toll-free (24 hrs.) 888-479-1515
In Illinois Phone 708-479-7300 Fax 708-479-1515

Email your order to info@Therafin.com (Subject Line: ORDER)
Todd Fink, Therafin Corp. President
Todd Fink, President

Pete Cionitti, Therafin Corp. Director of Product Management
Pete Cionitti
, Director of Product Management

Therafin's Customer Relations Team
Therafin's Customer Relations Team
Kim, Nakia, Chani and Jackie

The Entire Therafin Family
The Entire Therafin Family
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